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Rule Revisions for Admincode R 436.1101

History Revision Text RIS Admin Code

2017-025 LR

Licensing Qualifications - SDD License; prohibited issuance or transfer
(Licensing and Regulatory Affairs , Liquor Control Commission)

The rescission of R 436.1133 will remedy a statutory conflict with MCL 436.1533 of the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998. The language of a statute expresses the Legislature’s intent; the omission of a provision is considered intentional. Statutory changes effective 8/24/2016 left intact the only existing location criteria: the Commission’s express authority in MCL 436.1533(4) to waive the number of licenses based on the population quota, to issue more licenses than allowed by that quota, “if there is no existing specially designated distributor licensee within 2 miles of the applicant, measured along the nearest traffic route”. Home | Michigan Administrative Code | ORR Contact | Office of Regulatory Reinvention
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